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9:45 AM – 10:00 AM Welcome & Introduction
10:00 AM – 11:10 AM Covid Impact and What the Government Needs to Do

• What has been the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on infrastructure sector?
• How are infrastructure players coping?
• What can the government do to help?

Panel discussion among Forum members and Interaction with senior government

11:10 AM – 12:20 PM Public Asset Monetisation and Pipeline
  • What is the status of National Monetisation Pipeline?
  • Which new sectors/segments is government considering or should consider?
  • What has been the experience with respect to public asset monetisation so far? What can we learn from that experience?
  • What are the appropriate modes (ToT, InvITs, disinvestment, etc.) for monetisation of strategic and other assets?
  • What are the key issues and challenges?

Interaction between senior government officials and Forum members

12:20 PM – 01:30 PM Reviving Public-Private Partnerships
  • Is it realistic to expect a significantly higher contribution from PPPs?
  • If so, what do we need to do (changes in policy and approach)?
  • What lessons can be learnt from the PPP experience so far (successes and failures)?
  • What is the current level of interest among the lender/investor/developer in PPPs (brownfield/greenfield)?

Panel discussion among Forum members and interaction with a senior government official

01:30 PM – 02:10 PM Break
02:10 PM – 3:15 PM Current Funding Scenario: Traditional & New Sources
  • What are the recent trends in funding for infrastructure?
  • What can be expected from commercial banks?
  • What are the new and emerging sources of finance (InvITs, IDFs, Private equity etc.)?
  • Why are bonds still not a significant source?
  • How should we sustain the momentum of investments from sovereign wealth funds and overseas pension funds?
  • How can we get more investment from domestic insurance and pension funds?

Panel discussion among leading financiers/investors (mostly Forum members)

03:15 PM – 04:45 PM Legal and Regulatory Hurdles: Current Challenges and Future Strategies
  • What are the biggest legal and regulatory “hurdles”?
  • Which of these hurdles can be realistically addressed? If so, how?
  • What are the key legal issues that have resulted from Covid (Force Majeure, etc.)
  • What is the magnitude of disputes (funds stuck)? Has dispute resolution improved with various
  • What is the magnitude of disputes (funds stuck)? Has dispute resolution improved with various legislations, boards/committees? What else can be done?
  • What can the government do to help? Meanwhile, what can the infrastructure players do?

Panel discussion among Forum members (Legal experts, developers, and contractors)

04:45 PM Summing up and Conclusion
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