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Monday - April 8, 2019 (Day 1)

Plenary Sessions

  • Government Perspective
  • Alternative Sources of Finance
  • Potential for Brownfield PPPs and Public Asset Management
  • Impact of Election Results on Policies and Programmes
Track I – Urban Track II – Transport
Water and Waste Management Ports
Smart Cities Railways
Affordable Housing Waterways
Tuesday - April 9, 2019 (Day 2)

Track I – Energy Track II – Transport
Electricity Roads
Oil and Gas Airports

Plenary Sessions: Construction Challenges & The Way Forward

  • Need for Construction Law
  • Timely Project Implementation and Construction
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Wednesday - April 10, 2019 (Day 3)

This meet will showcase infrastructure development initiatives and opportunities in states.
It will begin with an overview comparative analysis of infrastructure development in states, focusing on both opportunities and challenges facing state-led projects. It will be followed by separate sessions with 4 to 6 states. The selection of states will depend partly upon the interest of the state in participating, the level of opportunity presented and its policies and programmes.

Each session will feature:

  • A presentation by the state on new initiatives to develop infrastructure, focusing on opportunities for developers, investors and contractors
  •  Interaction among delegates and a top government figure
  • There will be an opportunity for one-on-one meetings.


  • Which have been the more successful policies and programmes?
  • Which have been the less successful policies and programmes?
  • What are the most pressing and unresolved issues?
  • Which are the new ideas that need to be considered?
  • What are the steps recommended for the new/next government?


Each session will have:

  • A brief baseline presentation
  • A panel that will discuss successes and failures, examine new ideas and recommend next steps


Next step recommendations, backed by analysis and a summary of the discussions.

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